is the name of several kinds of traditional beverage, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts. This is a typical drink that you can find in Central American countries like Honduras and Guatemala.
Instead of drinking a fattening soda when thirsty, why not enjoy a delicious healthy Horchata!

Honduras has the most delicious Horchatas ever!
.....Horchatas gave me a diarreha!

If you dance Sopa de Caracol you need to drink an Horchata!

The dirtiest the Horchata is the better!

Don't get off the table until you finish your Horchata!
by Fabulous Fab May 15, 2010
Top Definition
delicious mexican rice drink
I was thirsty as a mutha, so I drank some horchata. It was great!
by thebeaner March 04, 2005
A muy bien mexican drink, very tasty. However one must be careful when drinking an Horchata, larges tend to be too much for the average stomach to handle due to the tastiness of this milky drink. Stick to a medium. Oh and also, chicks dig a man with an horchata.
After a long day of playing videogames, Evan found himself sipping on a large Horchata at Rigobertos by himself.
by biggidy diggidy June 14, 2006
Horchata is a ridiculously rich drink that originated in Valencia and is made from Tiger Nuts/Chufa. You can buy it in Horxaterias but it's bloody expensive. You can only have like one glass or could die. In VLC it's called Horxata in their language.

Mexican Horxata is spelt Horchata and is made from rice.
One day King James I was at Valencia while resting war against Muslim Army (thirteenth century) when a maiden approached him to offer a bowl filled with a fresh, white and sweet drink. The King said to the maiden this is gold, baby, whihc in that language sounded like or, chata and there we go. From here Horxata was taken to Valencia from where the King was (probably from AFrica where the Chufa originates).

It is drunk mainly in the summer ice cold with a little pastry which is dunked in.
Me encanta Horchata.

¿Quieres Horchata?

¿Te gusta Horchata?
by kellymichelle July 10, 2008
Derogatory slur made in reference to people of Mexican descent.
We've been trying to run some football drills down at the park, but every time we go there's a gang of horchatas playing soccer.
by Mor2Luv May 19, 2016
When you put cinnamon on the tip of your penis and cum in a Mexican girl's mouth.
I gave Alejandrina a horchata last night.
by whitechocolatedrizzle September 22, 2014
The act of a latina woman giving you a blowjob in a mexican restaraunt
Lucy gave me some horchata in the bathroom at Glorias last saturday.

That horchata was so good it made my toes curl and my ass cheeks clinch.
by Joseph cunt February 03, 2011
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