Hipster that hangs out at IHOP all day.
That guy sure loves blueberry pancakes and the music of Animal Collective - he's a hopster!
by Ronswanson2716 June 18, 2010
hopster (Purposely all lower case) is a program for getting past firewalls on web browsers and IM clients. While most other softwares that can do this require some level of technical know-how to use, this is not the case with hopster: just type in a few numbers and you're completely done.
Since anyone and your hamster can use it, it's popular with high school and college students, as they can use it to access websites that the school's administrator has blocked.
New Teacher: Why do you think Jimmy always brings a USB drive to class?
Experienced Teacher: Bet you five bucks it's got hopster on it.
by K0ri July 22, 2009
A Hip Hop Hipster
Kanye West is a hopster
by Hurricane7410 January 12, 2009
One who fakes orgasm while masturbating.
Richard Veroude is a no-good dirty hopster.
by - May 14, 2003
A hipster that is so hip, he hops.
Damn, that hopster is digity dank.
by Hipsterhopster December 26, 2010

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