One who blends the ironic dress of hipsters with the gang motif that might be associated with hip hop.
Upon noticing that a high schooler wearing an all red Elmo Sesame Street shirt to indicate affiliation with the bloods a teacher might say, "*sigh*, another hopster".
by deepsigh65 November 08, 2010
Top Definition
Knows more about obscure craft beer than you. Brews his own beer, no doubt. Ridicules your choice in beer. Only drinks IPAs. Domestic beers used for cooking only. AKA a "Beer Hipster"
I ordered a Great Lakes Christmas Ale last night at the bar and you should have seen the look that bartender hopster gave me. He then proceeded to rattle off his favorite beers and why they're superior to my favorite beer.
by parker45 December 04, 2010
The next big thing. Hipsters are too mainstream nowadays, so become a hopster. A hopster is someone who does everything after it has already become uncool.
Is that guy wearing jean shorts? Wow, what a hopster!
by The next big thing December 06, 2013
An individual who has defined taste in mainstream pop consumerism.

In direct opposition with "hipsters" who thrive on terms like "independant" "artistic" "self-expression" "different" , the hopster lies at the core of the mass media and enjoys to be defined as "commercial" "popular" or even "sell out".
"At the Justin Bieber concert there was tons of tweens, but also a few hopsters." - Nightlife Journalist

"I hate those hopsters, always talking loudly about shitty beer ads when we try to discuss art." - A random passerby heard in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
by Jimonesco October 19, 2010
Hopster (n.) One who fits most requirements of a hipster but has a different mind set and engages in hip-hop music.
The hopster wore skinny jeans but did not ride a fixie.
by Du Monee November 14, 2009
member of a social clique which imitates American black culture as seen on television and heard in music. Social status comes from familiarity with this media culture, destroying private property to make 'art' (i.e. writing their name on somebody else's stuff), and displaying their ethnic background through tattoos or by interspersing a foreign word for heart into a bad poem they spray painted on a defunct bakery to get a clueless hipster girl in bed.
The lily-white hopster told of us his dope business model producing t-shirts with his name on them, before he would sell us the pot.
by Old Mr. Jenkins January 22, 2010
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