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Black eyed peas and rice, mixed with ham hocks, or other things. Basically slop for people. Used only by poor whites, and extremely rural blacks. Most likely, the only place you'll hear this word anymore is southern Georgia, or Mississippi or some place like that.

A word most try-hard blacks from the suburbs have no clue what the meaning is, even though they go on and on about how "they luv them sum soul food"
Leroy: Ma'me what you cooking tonight?
Hatty May: I aint nigga. You betta make some hoppin' john from what we had last night. And heat up that Jiffy cornbread!
by mr. waites October 14, 2007
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Black Eyed Peas. Traditional Southern USA New Year's Eve dish of Black Eyed Peas, spicy sausage, tomatoes and rice.
Hoppin Johns are traditonal Soul Food.
by Roger Scheel January 01, 2009

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