a boring-ass town in New Hampshire; full of wannabe skaters, and preps. Most people in the town are avid pot-smokers, and they like to deface property. Oh, and it's pretty difficult to NOT make honor roll. Oh.
And Lisa Dunn.
(person 1) Where do you buy your weed?
(person 2) The rich ass preppy kids in Hopkinton

hoppy-town hoppy
by skobes April 22, 2010
Top Definition
the most booring place on earth, home of nothing interesting
if you are planning on visiting hopkinton anytime soon make sure to bring alot of books or pot or somthing.
by tumadre... January 15, 2007
Hopkinton NH, a small town in the middle of NH, often confused with the village of Contoocook located within the town of Hopkinton. Contoocook, is the scum of the earth filled with skater wannabe poser bros which gives Hopkinton a bad reputation. Anything that sucks about Hopkinton is usually due to the people of Contoocook.
Guy 1: I met this fuckin bitch ass mother fucker from hopkinton the other day.

Guy 2: He was probably from contoocook bro.
by Contoocook can s my d March 16, 2011
A shitty town, full of asshole cops, and bros
Guy 1: "hopkinton is a shitty town, full of asshole cops, and bros"

Guy 2: no shit I got pulled over the other day going 36 in a 35, fucking d-bag"
by fuck you hopkinton March 30, 2010
A drug infested suburb filled with mostly white people. The area is filled with all types of drugs and almost every family in Hopkinton ma, has been affected by the drug epidemic. 75% of kids will be dead or in jail because of drugs in this area. They call it gutter town because it is a complete shithole and almost nobody really ever makes it out of town because of how bad the drug problem is and none of the kids really have any hope of living to see 21
Hopkinton is a drug ridden area
by Hate me February 27, 2014
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