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A Hick that consistently drives their truck thru mud, and thinks its cool, but its the gayest thing of all time! Hopfers tend to tell the same stories over and over and they consist only of their piece of shit trucks going thru the mud.
Hopfers have the ability to turn into 6 foot birds, that explode when anger gets the best of them.
Other Characteristics of the Hopfer are as follows:

1. Flannel shirts
2. Cheap penny-pinching bastards
3. Struggles to put clothes on daily, usually getting into a fight with them
4. Says "Oh yeeeh boy" when they are excited
5. Bitch and moan when someone drinks their yoohoos
6. Have horrendous hair
7. Will make the noise sounding like "Heeeeeennnhhhhhh" when agitated

Stay away from these freaks of nature at all times, I cannot stress this point enough
Shut the hell up hopfer bird or u wont live to see ur barmitzfah
by Joe Spookski September 10, 2006
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