i need to take a HOP
by gee licker January 28, 2012
It's done, it's over!
The will has been put in motion, höps!
by Aboraly September 01, 2006
a dance . . . usually used in the 50s to refer to a school dance. . . hence the name of the song by Danny and The Juniors "At The Hop"
Lets Go To The Hop
by Doll_Face August 30, 2008
to watch a film in a cinema, and then enter another screen without payin. usually done at night so that it can be accompanied with copious amounts of draw, preferably blazed at the back of the cinema itself(whenever possible).
- easy son, feelin to go hoppin tonite? that new jokes ben stiller film is out i think.
- sick one bruv, im feelin that. we need to pick up first though, cause sis jacked all the bunnage.
by Judge Fudge September 20, 2006
Hip with an edge. Unconventionally cool.
I don't know man, that's one hop motherfucker.
by Jimmy Short December 02, 2007
A mixture of mexican brown tar heroin and tobacco. Mixed in a blender and smoked.
Norman was a hophead and got shot dead out front of the apartment complex. He owed everybody money and finally the shit caught up with him.
by jb40 July 09, 2006
A disco

Used In Ireland/Dublin area
Mags: U goin 2 the hop?
Jerry: Yeah U?
by iluvthescript August 14, 2009

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