A way of addressing a person in hip-hop culture. originating in the 90's from New York
"You betta flee hops, or getcha head flown three blocks,
L keeps rappers hearts pumpin like Reeboks"
-Big L
by TheDevilsSon January 07, 2011
An acronym for Hang-over Poo. The shits which often come along with a beasty hangover.
Dude i got the worst hangover ever! Had 6 H.O.Ps so far!
by Jem=] August 08, 2007
A early to mid 1990's term originated out of New York City Hip Hop culture used to greet or refer to someone.

A term of endearment.
Grand Puba (Of Brand Nubians) Track (2)on "Reel To Reel" Album /Release Date: 1992: Track (2) 2nd Verse

- " Girbaud hanging baggy Hilfiger on the top napsack on my back that's just my flavor hops. "
by Ron Muller July 09, 2006
Hooked on Phoenics
When you get back we will get you HOP.
by Peotter July 26, 2011
1. to jump
2. an unexpected fight in which one person is usually messed up by more then one person

1. yo, i saw that kid get hopped by 4 of those ni**as
2. if i ever see u outside school im hop you , punk panties
by mc.mc August 07, 2006
Hindrance of Progress and Success
While Michele attempted to write her final paper, Cassandra kept asking her to play cards.

Cassandra: "Lets play cards!"
Michele: "You're being a H.O.P.S. right now."
by ayyyyeeeeoooo July 17, 2010
opium, smoked or sniffed
i copped some hop and then i copped some more because it was really good and before i knew it i was a hophead!
by teakdasneak November 29, 2006

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