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The pseudonym of a legend. He sneaks under the radar by playing COD, slinking around 08857 in the late hours of the night, and attacking people with his pup named Titus. He avoids daylight in the hopes of avoiding the devilbitch.. And drinks his fears of her away at night which earn him the reputation of a party ANIMAL. He has conquered the defense skill of smellyfartattacks to use in his sleep when he is most vulnerable to killer clowns. But the worst of all ... Hoozle is known for having a big, black, cold heart. Beware ladies ... He's deadly.
by DevilBetch April 28, 2013
To rinse
Make sure you give that bucket a good hoozle out
by milbe063 January 22, 2009
"yo, go talk to that hoozle, jive turkey"

pl. "Look at that group of Hoozles"
by Serg December 03, 2004
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