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A post-fellatio slap across the balls. Nine times out of ten, the recipient will emit a shrill hooting sound.

Also, it's a hoot.
Veronica: What're you getting Chase for V-Day this year?

Vanessa: A hooty, if he's lucky.
by hootytoot February 21, 2010
Adjective, used to describe situations, places, people and so on which are likely to provoke amusement and excitement. Derives from the joyful hooting that will arise.
"That new film looks pretty hooty."
by Kilkrazy July 01, 2004
Look at those hooties
by roopdawg November 05, 2002
1.Slang term for Marijauna
2.A Blunt rolled with a peach white owl, hence the name " Hootie ".
" Hey let's roll up some Hooties and fly."
by Brandon Chalmers June 13, 2006
Female sex organ. My ex-wife said her momma taught her and her sister that term when they were little girls.
Wash your hooty good or the cat will follow you around all day.
by Master Morock January 30, 2005
Usually is said when a girl with a hot ass walks into a mans vision. (hot+booty)
Hooty! Dat gurl gots a nice ass!
by jkingintheshower October 15, 2009
Pubic lice, especially those picked up from a whore or one-night-stand-- ie 'ho cooties'.
"How'd it go with that girl last night?"
"Really bad; she gave me hooties."
"Dude, you totally had that one coming."
by TheUltimateAuthority April 07, 2009

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