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an event that is more than a gathering but less than a dance party, grindin up on, cut the sexual tension with a knife, i'mma bust a cap in yo ass nukkahcrazy teenage party.
hootinany! woot! woot!
by lemondrop June 22, 2006
An act of tomfoolery.
What's all that hootinany about?
by Keegan W January 03, 2006
A general term for a big ol' Southern gathering. May involve both family and friends. Always involves copious amounts of food (often potluck style), and hopefully some form of alcohol, be it PBR or moonshine.

A "holy hootinany" is slightly different. Similar to a regular hootinany, this is a social event often sponsored by your local Southern Baptist congregation. The main difference: replace PBR with preaching.
"Yeah, all our kin are gettin' together for a little covered-dish hootinany this Saturday. Cousin Fayleene's bringing that god-awful casserole."

"I got saved last Sunday afternoon, at that church barbeque. That Bible-thumping preacher scared the hell right out of me. Then they fed me till I about half died. That was a holy hootinany for the books."
by Fayleene December 30, 2009
a group action that traditionally involves the legal, spontaneous, non-sexual sexual act on a small area
hey -insert name here-, lets get the hootinany ready
by the_organiser November 23, 2010