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(n) a hallucinogenic mushroom found in cow fields of the southeastern United States.
"Be careful to not get shot while picking hooties."
by Max Barshled November 07, 2007
Sweetheart, girl- or boyfriend, someone you're dating or stuck on.
Who's yer hootie?
by Jay Young January 15, 2004
Gullah for joint. Orginated in southern coastal South Carolina.
"Roll another hootie."
by bs mallord April 23, 2008
(n) Female genitals.
Damn, that girls' hootie was tight.
by WilliamRoot September 25, 2011
A rather large marijuana cigarette.
A fat joint.
Pass that hootie over here dude!
by Doshi September 06, 2006
a good looking female
"Man check out that hootie over there"
by Immy T February 18, 2004
Any thing or object that has a name that cannot be remembered at the moment. Also known as "hootus"

To my knowledge, first used by CE1 SCW Larry Benton of the U.S. Navy SEABEE's.
Person 1 working on the car: "Can you hand me that...hootie"?
Person 2 watching the work: "Do you mean the torque wrench"?
Person 1: "Yeah the torque wrench, that's what i meant".
by Chad Oertel May 04, 2003