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Hoorna is commonly used in the North East of Scotland, places like Elgin, Lossiemouth and Dufftown. Hoorna can be used instead of 'very' or in Elgin, quite commonly as 'yay'
"check, she's got a hoorna nice arse."

"I scored with that dame, hoorna min"
by HannahCROCKER January 25, 2009

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scots term used as a replacement for the word "very"
commonly used in the north east of scotland in areas such as; drummuir, keith, newmill, the den, huntly and the broch
"ooya, shes got hoorna big tits!"
"christ thats a hoorna big tractor!"
"fuck, see thon hoorna mcphees - ill shoot them some day!"
"jeesus, rennie has a hoorna wee nob!" (as said by podge)
by philip stewart August 26, 2006