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this is a word of "hooligan" and "whore" (hoe) combined.
hooligan means someone who is going under mental illness, therefore she/he will not be able to carry out everyday tasks properly.
in other words, they suffer from pure dementedness

"hoe" simply means someone who sleeps with multiple guys all in a short period of time. and is very very very extremely clumsy


1.the word "hoorigan" is a person who is a clumsy hooker with severe dementedness in the brain.
2. used to insult people you dislike which then in this case the word hoorigan means someone beyond stupid who decides to imitate others but is actually very bad at it.
3. or used just for the fun of it
person 1: hello

person 2: hey!

person 1: whatsup?

person 2: oh nothing oh wait! guess what i lost my-*phone falls*

person 1: ...hoorigan

person 2: what?

person 1: hoorigan

person 2: D8

person 1: yeah that's right.

person 2: D8 D8 D8 D8 D8 D8 D8 D8 D: D: D:
by March 30, 2010

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