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The first powerful and energetic "hoorah" was stated by Laterrian. He is black. This term is used to pump up the confidence and to give a boost to the men chanting it. Usually used by men, but some women who are found to be homosexual, will steal the catchphrase from the guys. Usually chanted from a single guy, and myriad men chant it back in a louder fashion.
Laterrian: "hoorah"

Guys: "HOORAHHHH!!!!"
by Tender Bittles November 04, 2003
Something that you cannot remember the
name of--a "hoorah."
That "hoorah" is broken.
by Karyl Ludwig December 11, 2003
Supergay expression of total gayness by WWE Superstars Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and John "The Gay Marine" Cena.
John Cena: "I'm a marine and I am gay, hoorah!"
by Jens Mischke January 31, 2007