A fast-paced card game similar to Peanuts and Nerts. Often referred to as the most intense thing you can do on your knees.
I am going to play Hoorah! this Friday night.
by EAB June 22, 2007
The first powerful and energetic "hoorah" was stated by Laterrian. He is black. This term is used to pump up the confidence and to give a boost to the men chanting it. Usually used by men, but some women who are found to be homosexual, will steal the catchphrase from the guys. Usually chanted from a single guy, and myriad men chant it back in a louder fashion.
Laterrian: "hoorah"

Guys: "HOORAHHHH!!!!"
by Tender Bittles November 04, 2003
Something that you cannot remember the
name of--a "hoorah."
That "hoorah" is broken.
by Karyl Ludwig December 11, 2003
Supergay expression of total gayness by WWE Superstars Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and John "The Gay Marine" Cena.
John Cena: "I'm a marine and I am gay, hoorah!"
by Jens Mischke January 31, 2007

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