N. A vehicle that the value of the sound system and 'dubs' far exceeds the value of the POS in question...
Commonly driven by niggaz/niggers/wiggaz/wiggers and/or chiggaz/chiggers
'That nigga be done hit mah cah and done rode way wit my ho, nah sh' gon' be hi baby mama. All he be had had was a 1964 Impala,'dunk-ride' wit 26 inch 'dubs'... dat shit was a fuckin' nice-ass hoopty...
by DamnedYank January 17, 2007
HOOPTY (noun) any vehicle trashed out or abused to the point it really looks like a plie of shiz-ats
Yo check this out: I aint ridin' in yo mf hoopy to shorty's crib and dats dat, aight?
by Priz Biz Sage June 08, 2005
Used to decsribe any item that is in poor condition, of poor quality, or outdated.
"My dad bought the most hoopty TV you can get"
by Disco Stu February 06, 2005
1. A large, broke ass, white, 86 Lincoln Town car, with dear horns on the grill and cat paw prints so dense you can't see out the rear window. Driven by a hillbilly with white hair, who worships Willy Nelson. Usually is missing one or more license plates, and hasn't been inspected in at least 3 years. Comes complete with a broken am/fm radio with superglued on knobs, a "singing" steering column that sounds like a gay tweeter bird, and an inexplicable smell iminating from the interior, like a mix between old cheese from 1991, an excess of cats and dogs, and tamales which have been carted around to pay rent. Embarrasing to drive.
2. An automobile that is so long and top heavy that it rocks when you turn too quick.
3. Something you would call a car that belongs to someone you truly dispise, but really envy.
1. Bob: "That car is almost 20 years old. It smells like tamales.
Joe: "Ya, It's a hoopty."
2. "We're gonna end hanging off the bridge if you don't fucking stop taking sharp turns."
Joe: "What a hoopty, fucker."
by ms.ash December 07, 2005
when you fucked up and you act crazy and loose control.
Well, everyone told me I was acting pretty hoopty last night. but thats how I always act.
by ayydean September 02, 2008
a hoopty is a car with very big speakers -ALWAYS metal flake paint (lime green usually). 4 dr. '95 Lincoln is a classic example. sometimes Lowered, may bounce, 19 or 20" rims. Back window has large letters tht are difficult to read as they are in old english -all caps.
"My posse dissen me cause my hoopty be dragging. Know what I'm saying"
by Boba June 21, 2004
when describing a person, hoopty means the coolest cats in the whole city
Yo dawg, look at those hooptys, they r so cool yo.
by brick house May 02, 2006

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