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Ambition, fierce tenacious resolve; A willingness to go to any lengths and fight through any obstacles to obtain a goal; great focus.
"That kid has hoop dreams."

"Y'all can't f-- with my hoop dreams"
by M May 29, 2004
A dream very unlikely to be fulfilled, or any wild or fantastic notion, synonymous with the term 'pipe dream'.
Her plans for a career in music are nothing but a hoop dream.
by Gohn Gardenza December 24, 2010
A term used in the hood by individuals living in near poverty levels, hoping one day to make it all the way to the NBA and leave the hood even though it's extremely unlikely.
Tyrone has been having hoop dreams since he was a kid.
by blue7171 June 25, 2016
hoop dreams basically means an unrealistic goal that will never come true.
a black guy trying to be a member of the KKK

"its hoop dreams, you're black, and its not happening
by beenyep February 06, 2014
To have dreams of having objects rammed up your asshole. See hoop
I had hoop dreams last night and feel like sticking this dildo up my ass now.
by Steven Anderson August 19, 2006
The new name for the sport previously known as Basketball.
"Johnny, let's go play a game of Hoop Dreams."
by P Diddy and Madonna June 13, 2007
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