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A slang term for the video game Halo.

Used for the shape of a Halo i.e a hoop.

The opening screen for Halo 2 focuses on a large "Hoop"
Wanna meet me on XBOX live and play some Hoop?

You playin' hoop?

Man, i just pwned a guy at hoop
by Bechiimc January 09, 2008
1 14
to play basketball; to play a game of basketball
we bout to go hoop, dog!
by yung milly February 28, 2005
164 74
"Let's play sum hoops."
by Diego August 31, 2003
127 46
Your arsehole
Ah fuck not again, said lord edge as he found a gerbil up his hoop
by Gaz C December 29, 2003
138 73
To stick a drug up your ass for the purpose of bypassing the bodies filtration organs (liver, kidney) and introduce the drug directly into the blood stream in order to heighten the effects.
Slinky hooped a handfull of bombs last weekend.
by djSteele September 19, 2006
102 79
Ringpiece, sphincter, arse ring
You can lick my hoop son!
by hoop shooter July 08, 2009
44 34
Hoops is the act of licking the circumference of an anus.
To give hoops or a hoop job -

I gave Sally some hoops last night and she went wild
by Hoopmaster September 25, 2009
36 29
Hoop earrings usually worn by Latinas and Jersey girls with killer tans. These are also very popular among the Russian girls in ten inch heels at the hair salon who say terrible things about you amongst themselves while they wash your hair! Southern white girls are too 'preppy' to wear these and wouldn't be caught dead in them!

See: Snooki takes off her big ass hoop earrings to fight
Hannah: Hey chelsea did you check out the hoops on the new girl?

Chelsea: O gosh, I know! She must not be from around here! We better watch out or she just might pull a Snooki on our asses!

Hannah: Tell me about it! Ughhh!!!
by Leno89 August 11, 2011
22 16