A word used to describe a person who uses cars, motorcycles, or marine power vessels for recreation and fun instead of getting from A to B.
Bystander: "Wow that man is enjoying himself letting the power of his beast lay rubber all over the road whilst the car moves at an extremly dangourous speed of about 2Km/H!"

Cop/Granny/Journalist: "Arrest that hoon at once! they are having too much fun!"
#burnout #drift #drag #speed #fun
by that red toyota that flew past January 08, 2009
an insulting term used to describe the physical or verbal mannerisms and actions of those with a particularly samll mental disposition - i.e. - proper nut job
1. Didge backed the golf buggy into the flower pot - what a hoon!

2. You are such a hoon it's untrue!

3. You proper fuckin hooned that shot didnt ya?
#hoon #spack #tard #spanner #mong
by didge September 24, 2006
To give something a good whack, Or Pounding.
For exmaple "Dan i give this urban Cougar (look it up) a good Hoon last night she was awesome in Bed"
#whack #pound #shag #slam #smack #punch
by Andy Dalton May 07, 2007

A term of endearment usually used to characterize any female, of the human species, who typically acts, or tends to act, in a particularly goofy manner.

Hoon is word that is blended from the term “Ho” … a noun used by police to describe a “Habitual Offender” and word “Loon” … a noun used to describe a crazy or simple minded person.

i.e. - Hoon, Hoonette, Hoonish, Hoonasetic, Hoonification, Hoonability
“She is such a Hoon!” Said regarding any habitually wacky woman.

“Where is Hoonett?” Said regarding a young or adolescent Hoon.

“You are being kind of Hoonish now.” Said regarding any woman who is not typically a Hoon but is periodically exhibiting Hoon-like tendencies.

“That is very Hoonasetic of you.” Said regarding any woman who is usually classified as a Hoon and is actively exercising their Hoon-like tendencies.

“Together, they make quite a Hoonification.” Said regarding any gaggle of Hoons that have unified together toward a common madcap purpose.

“She does everything with a lot of Hoonability.” Said regarding any Hoon that regularly pushes the limits of being Hoonish.
#hoon #hoonette #hoonish #hoonasetic #hoonification #hoonability
by R WMS December 30, 2006
a person who lives off the proceeds of prostitution.
ie. a prostitute, pimp, etc
by --Bec-- January 17, 2005
A very attractive person, derived from the process of pointing and going, "Hot Or Not?". This has been shortened to the question, "Hoon?" through which the noun "Hoon" has arrived as simply denoting a right fittie.
Girl 1: What about him?
Girl 2: OMG, total hoon!
#fittie #hotness #phwoar #hoonage #hot
by loony_daydreams July 23, 2008
An American slang referencing an attractive woman or one that would warrant a shag under any circumstances.
Did you see that hoon?

I love hoons!
#woman #girl #hottie #boot #skank
by Hoon Hitter September 26, 2007
any sexual organ or act not referred to in insult or used as an insult
"that dog is hooning that man's leg" or "that girl has very nice hoons" or "i hooned all over my new pants" but not "hoon you motherhooner!" or any such expletive context.
by Henson September 20, 2005
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