a person that pulls jokes or pranks on someone
What a hooligan, he is always pulling pranks on people
by CHILIZZZNUM1 June 05, 2006
Someone who worships the Great God Hoo, god of inebriation and Hawaiian shirts.

Hooligans can be distinguished from hooligans by the fact that true Hooligans have nothing to do with soccer/football, and rarely get into fights because they're too busy drinking.

Hooligans are more difficult to distinguish from regular alcoholics, but Hooligans often hold a job. For a while. And they wear Hawaiian shirts.
"Hey, you Hooligans can't park here!!"
by haysoos May 29, 2005
When someone ( normally a 12 year old ) tries to use the word hooligan in jokes to make them look like they know what they're talking about, when in reality no one knows what they are talking about. For some reason, these strange creatures from ages 10 to 14 atually understand each other, for they snicker/laugh uncontrollably at the sound of "hooligan" or the term "69". Perhaps one day, we will find out the secrete to this language of these very peculiar creatures.
"I said swiper no swiping ya hooligan... 69!!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!" - middle school boy
by jummpyduck0 April 23, 2015
The old person equivalent of crazy ass motha fucka
Old person who got robbed: That hooligan stole my light up square
Young person who got robbed: Some crazy ass motha fuckas stole my laptop
by Dothejohnwall February 16, 2015

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