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a thug, a ruffaian, a hoodlum
That hooligan is just another wimp looking for attention.
by Light Joker October 05, 2005
A hooligan is a person who fight for his soccer team the most fucked up is the english
there are some rules:
you are only fighting with other hooligans or the cops
and no weapons
when 2 soccer teams are playing hooligans from each team call each other to an off that is as mass fight between the 2 teams
love it :P (special fight with police)
by jesper12 October 23, 2006
People who go to sporting events and start fights; generally football (soccer to us Americans).

Proof Europe is not superior to America.
Euro news report: Team A beat Team B. A group of hooligans started a fights at the game. Dozens were injured, three were killed and millions of euros worth of damage were the results of the ensuing riot.

America news report: Team A beat Team B (the report ends there because the fans showed up, watched the game, some partied and the rest just went home and acted like adults).
by northendwhitetrash January 29, 2010
A person who drinks a lot of alcohol is loud aggressive violent and dangerous
"Last night was a good night until those hooligans rocked up"
by Harry69 June 29, 2009
The name of a Bruno Mars fan. The members of his fanbase are called "Hooligans". The hooligan fandom is considered one of the calmer and nicer fanbases compared to others.
A fan just knows him as Bruno Mars.

A hooligan knows his entire life, inside and out, including his birth name, birth date, sisters, family, band members, etc.
by kittykatty342 September 12, 2013
A really dumb person who will do almost anything for attention, kind of like pretending they are dumb! They are obsessed with worthless things.
Remember in 7th grade when that person was a big FAKE? THAT PERSON (or plural) would be a "Hooligan" or "Hooligans"
by Ilovecake November 26, 2012
A pack of RVA holes, whose primary function is to fuck shit up, adventure through the night and cause for more rules and restrictions.
"The party was great last night but this bar has to ban sweet potatoes cause of those damn Hooligans"
by imFamous Chef February 04, 2010