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a really horrible male or female genitilia which is usually referred to as being something somewhat disgusting.
"get your big stinking beef hooligan out"
by Dirty Handbag August 24, 2009
2 13
'Hooligan' is the name for a huge fan of talented singer, Bruno Mars.
The name comes from Bruno's debut album, 'Doo-wops & Hooligans', and ironically, his band are also called The Hooligans.
"Hey, are you a Bruno Mars fan?"
"Yeah! I'm a hooligan!"
"Me too!"
by reggaemars November 11, 2013
1 0

Pronounced: Hu-lih-gun

What a redheaded guy is if he calls his brunnette girlfriend a punk all of the time. It's not derogatory, just playful. The girlfriend just thinks of a word to call him back, and that's usually the first one.
Redheaded guy - Hey punk. How's it going?
Brunnette girlfriend - Oh it's pretty good. How about you, hooligan?
Redheaded guy - I'm not a hooligan.
Brunnette girlfriend - If I'm a punk, UD says you're a hooligan. =P
by MyssMalycyous September 21, 2012
1 1
A Pacific Northwest smelt. These smelt are referred to by their native names or slang names such as Eulachon, Oolichan, Candlefish, Hooligan.
The hooligan run upstream at Thanksgiving each year. Smoked hooligan are a delicious treat!
by Pac. Northwest November 20, 2011
1 1
a person who is foolish and does things out of the normal human flow.
andy dick is such a hooligan.
by lexi22 March 20, 2009
5 5
Youngins that run around like crazy maniacs
* Little Kids Running On Lawn *

by sydthekid87 July 06, 2011
2 3
Mother fuckers who believe that they are a part of an european soccer match when they are only the spectators. They think that they have to fight with the rival group, and make noise to help to their team...
The Manchester United´s hooligans are kicking Chelsea´s hooligan´s ass
by popo freitas June 03, 2009
32 42
a wana be ganster whose polish.
tries to fuck up people but in reality doesnt do shit.
Look the hooligans are coming.
by Ridgewoodchik October 16, 2008
4 14