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A girl that claims to not have sex with random guys, but can always be found making out with some random guy at every social event possible. This specimen can usually be found at college/highschool parties, and is usually attracted to dirty lower class guys even though she will tell you otherwise... She will claim that shes not a whore, just because she only gives out oral sex to and makes out with as many dirty guys as possible, but doesn't go all of the way.
A hookup slut is a highschool or college aged female that always goes to parties and hooks up with random guys, but thinks that shes not a whore just because she only goes as far as oral sex.
by Daniel A. November 14, 2006
A female who makes out with any guy at any time, but will not progress any farther than kissing.
I thought I was going to get laid last night, but it turns out the chick was just a hook up slut.
by dentite March 07, 2010
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