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a stench beyond reason; an odor of near-lethal strength and concentration. perhaps a shortened version of "who farted?" but can be used for any malodorous event
I thought the litter box wasn't so bad until I started cleaning it. Next thing you know, "Hoofah!"
by Juan DaFull June 25, 2010
14 6
An expresion of sexual desire, used by the immature, slovenly, and moronic. Often accompanied by strings of illogical arguments heavily swayed by deeply held prejudices. Term should be avoided at all costs. 'Hawks suck!
Did you see that girl? She gone done make me some good babies! Hooooofahhhhh!
by harvard.edu March 25, 2005
13 22
A word used only by men that are actually attracted to women. Most often used to express a man's appreciation of a woman's beauty.

Check out that chick with Manson! Hoofah!!!
by Dan Quayle March 30, 2006
5 17