1. A word I scream just before I stab someone with a stick then toss them to the other side of the street.

2. A sound FX made when stabbing then throwing someone to the other side of the street.
Guy1: I'm going to hurt you now!
Guy2: *meep*
*stabbed HOOF*
Guy2: AAHHHHH!!!
Guy1: Oh did I kill him?
by Bone February 15, 2004
Noun. Can be used as verb (hoofin). Similar to beef. Means trash talk or to have problems with someone, or wanting to kill them. Invented by the East Coast gang J-Unit, used in their famous freestyles.
Nigga why you be hoofin, son, I'm bout to lay yo ass down.

Those fuckas have so much hoof, I wouldn't mess with those foos.
by Luda-J December 16, 2004
A verb to describe the smoking of marijuana.
I love to hoof a fat joint the moment I wake up.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
derogative term used to describe bitches with dirty breasts
wow jane you fuckin hoof heffer go eat poopnugget
by billy bob blow job October 01, 2003
adj. A Oklahoma way to say wack, or trash. Used as a way to express something being "played out...

Opposite of tight
"Not you got on them old Jordans, that's so hoof."
"P-unit is a hoof gang on da norf side."
"Hard in da paint like Carmelo= hoof.... Hard in the paint like AI= tight
by The cherry 1! July 18, 2005
your cornhole
hey dude get your finger out of my hoof
shelly takes it in the hoof, by 15 german shepards, all day long.
by doolittle October 22, 2003
a little girl thats gonna be damn fine when she grows up
"thats a hoof for sure"
by AG AJ JJ April 27, 2004
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