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to kick something or someone very hard.
I fucking hoofed him a good'un.
by Danger mouse February 12, 2004
13 22
A popular porn star's deformed foot.
WHAT THE HOOF? I think its self explanitory.
by OT November 15, 2004
436 99
Slag word created in Hamilton New Zealand to show a sign of honesty

sort for Honest on our friendship.

said: Hoof

origin: New Zealand
Me : Bro! the other day i found $20 on the ground!

Friend: What?! Hoof?

me: Yea! HOOF!
by KennyNZ June 17, 2013
23 6
The erection of the lips of a female's vagina. Often associated with camel toe and euphoric sensations in females.
Guy 1: That chicka over there digs me something bad man!

Guy 2: What? How can you tell?

Guy 1: Dude, you can tell she's sporting a major hoof over me!
by Nearchow February 23, 2012
27 15
To floor it in a vehicle. Usually refers to an automatic as it only requires acceleration and no gear stick action.
"When I get to that road in my Range Rover I always hoof it"
by .S. August 12, 2009
27 19
another slang term for fuck. can be used around children, and the elderly.
"what the hoof?? that text was hoofed up, man."
by saintorsailor February 19, 2010
37 30
Go hoof to the store to get me more chocolates.
by tk August 03, 2002
44 38
Slang term given to {Marijuana} in Melbourne's North Western suburbs.
Hey man, do you want to go for a hoof this afternoon? I got 5 grams.
by Hoofmeister April 22, 2009
25 25