see defintion of 'whore' this is a slightly more sly way to call some one a 'whore', pronounced 'whoo - wer'.
Bill's neighbor: Did you hear about Bill and Sally?
Bill's Neighbor's neighbor: No what happened?
Bill's neighbor: Sally cheated on him...
Bill's Neighbor's neighbor: Wow, what a hoo-er!
by Melysa November 10, 2006
Top Definition
The spelling pronunciation of whore. a Whooer.
Kelsey is such a hooer.
by jujubean445 November 10, 2003
A woman who sleeps around just to have sex or for money.
Also see skank hooker slut ho
I picked that dirty hooer up at the dimestore
She was a dimestore hooer hooker
by Elsie October 03, 2005
A small Egyptian sand dwelling, diurnal owl.
The afternoon was filled with the sound of hooers as we stood among the pyramids.
by T-Rad April 07, 2004
hooer - term of abuse, especially among men
Why don't you get lost, you drunken hooer!
by Sherazade October 27, 2006
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