yes it is a ice cream treat but it also had a sexual meaning.... a hoodsie is when a boy and a girl lay with their heads in opposite directions and the boy eats the girl out and at the same time the she gives him head.

its can also be done with gay/lesbo relationships
guys 1 -hey dood me and that girl hoodsied last night
guy 2- you mean like the ice cream?
guy 1-no we fucking eat one anothers private parts
guy 2- dood thats fucking awesomeee!!!!
by ksdhgsdkjhsgdfdh April 20, 2005
Top Definition
1. A small cup of ice cream, the kind that comes with a flat wooden spoon (from H.P. Hood, the dairy that sells them). KC Black reports: "Part of their charm was on finishing them you'd suck and then fold the wooden spoon risking splintahs from the folded wood.
Mom i want a hoodsie for dessert.
by wickedNH February 06, 2004
1. a small ice cream dish made by Hood

2. a variation of hoodie, a sweatshirt with a hood

3. a girl thats "short and sweet and good to eat"
that hoodsie was a dish of pure heaven...
by sLigHtEsTkIlLa July 14, 2004
1. A small ice cream cup made by the Hood Dairy company is very popular in the Boston area but you can buy them all over New England.

2. A Derogatory Term Used in Boston to Describe Teenage Girls usually between 13 & 16 who Hang around the much older crowd usually 17- 23, you can usually spot them leaning against the hoods of their boyfriends or friends cars hence the term "Hoodsie".
1. Sarahs Pahty is next Friday make sure you buy enough "Hoodsie" Cups for all those lil bastids!!!

2. I just got my Camaro fixed lets go down to the South Street Pahkin lot and check out some "Hoodsies"
by pza97 March 13, 2011
A hot girl that is much younger than the middle age guy she is dating.
"Man, nadia is so fine". "Whats you problem dude, you like all those hoodsies. You got to date girls your own age".
by Richie Pimental February 10, 2009
A sexual coupling involving a chocolate on vanilla pairing..
Went to the club and met a brotha, took him home for some Hoodsie action!
by sarahRuthless June 07, 2011
when a girl and a boy lay down facing oppisite directions and the boy eats the girl out and the girl gives the boy head
wanna hoodsie?

suree babyyy
by susan coooppaaa April 20, 2005
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