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one that keeps a bad bitch around, big bitch, long hair yellow, white, red, brown
why dat hoe wit dat fool?

man he a hood nigga.
by DrHarley September 29, 2007
546 100
a person that will ride and die for there hood
dat boy ova there is a"hood nigga"
by donnneyboo November 10, 2007
180 114
A black male from the projects/ghetto, who won't die for his turf and colors but greatly respects them and acts as if he's a gangsta. He has no sense of speaking correct english, wearing his pants around his waste, or ever taking off the "new" tags of his old hat. These individuals will usually have their entire life savings rolled up in their sock.
Ray Ray's 40 and still acting like he's bangin. Damn he's a hood nigga!
by tvick April 25, 2008
193 152
One who eats Cheerios after midnight.
Donte: Wow, its already 1 in the morning. You gunna go to bed?

Jamal: Nahh nigga i gotta have my daily dose of Cheerio's first.

Donte: Mann you one straight up Hood Nigga
by ShredderJeff April 03, 2010
104 66
1.A well known member of a gang that has done many deeds for his gang only a african-american can be a hood nigga a hispanic would be a hoodessay. 2.A thug that has done many unlawful things like sells drugs.
Dam u see what myles did you know he a hoodnigga.
by Mike killer Johnson May 26, 2007
20 9
African-American that lives in a dangerous part of town.
gorilla zoe famous rap artist. he just so happens to be a "hood nigga" as his song implies.
by babikait223 November 14, 2007
67 145
A "nigga" from the "hood". ~or~ It's a "nigga" that loves his "hoods" on his jackets.
Ima hood nigga from the bronx.

Oh man this jacket is tight, ima hoodnigga.
by Krazy Kreatures September 05, 2007
47 155