To take something from a higher undeserving source with the understanding that the source already takes enough from you or others already. The name derives from the heroic outlaw from English folklore, Robin Hood. Often confused with 'pirating', but it's similarities are differentiated by the source from which the item is taken from. When an item is taken/copied from a normal medium, the term 'pirating' is appropriate. When an item is taken/copied from a source which has already exploited the masses through a monopoly, political upper hand, or corrupt business policies, the term 'Hooding" is appropriate. Platform; "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor" -Robin Hood
He has been hooding the new release of that album.
by Nathan John 21 March 13, 2012
Top Definition
When you pull the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis over the head of another penis. This is a formal greeting ritual among some cultures, and to be hooded is an exxxtreme honor.
"Grandpa, what does hooding mean?"
"Let me show you. Pull down your pants. Prepare yourself for honor."
by bigtrick February 10, 2015
When you pull the hood of someone's hoodie over their head. You can either say "Hood!" While doing it, or "You've just been hooded!" After you do it.
Example 1: Jeff sneaks up behind Bill and yells "hood!" while hooding him.

Example 2: Ben pulls Cameron's hood over his head and then yells "You've just been hooded!"
by moosewingman December 01, 2010
The act of running up behind a person wearing a hoodie with the hood down and lifting it over their head, then running away.
Person 1: Dude people keep hooding me.

Person 2: Yeah, but you get used to it.
by SuperBro April 07, 2014
Nonsense, Craziness
He gave you a Tenesee Hot Pocket, that a bunch of Hoo-Ding
by dddefinition September 22, 2014
A sexual act involving 2 males who are uncircumcised.

The 2 males face each other and each penis is aligned such that the glans are touching. The participants then proceed to pull back each others foreskin back and forth over both glans until ejaculation is achieved
Daz and Rag were just hooding and Rag ejaculated down Daz's glans!
by Jake the Snail October 04, 2006
When two people wearing hoodies put on their hoods and stick their heads in each other's hood. A form of friendship or warmth.
I'm really close to my friends, so I try to hood with them as much as possible. Hooding is great.
by Fussy_Nielsen September 13, 2015

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