Primitive tribal clothing item commonly seen in large quantities around street corners, public toilets and McDonald's Restaurants in town centres up and down Britain, and almost certainly in any recently-stolen car. Consists of sweater-like top with hood, designed primarily to shield the wearer from CCTV cameras, store detectives, police patrols, and others who might seek to violate the wearer's precious Human Rights(tm) by prosecuting them for theft or possession of controlled substances. Often worn in conjunction with thick-brimmed baseball cap, acne, and a fixed, slack-jawed expression.
Example 1:
"Can you describe the mugger, madam?"
"Yes, officer. He was gangly, with pasty complexion and spots, wearing a hoodie, baseball cap, baggy tracksuit bottoms, white trainers, gold sovereign rings and a thick gold chain. Also he looked a bit backward."
"Unfortunately that doesn't narrow it down very much, madam."

Example 2:
"Man, f'n gerraht 'ere, yeh? Ge'tcha f'n hoodie, yeh? Ga'hn twoccin' innit?"
by Shkval March 31, 2006
the part that hangs over on an uncircumcised penis
my twin boys each have a hoodie -- one of them was too small to be "done" at the hospital, and we never went back to get them "done"
by Winsi June 25, 2004
A middle class white kid that grows up in suburbia who thinks he's part of a gang. Frequently seen with other hoodies, wearing hoodies, around malls, stores ect. Try to act tough and cool. Frequently listen to punk music.
All of John's friends are going to hang out near the mall and try to act tough.
by B.C May 25, 2005
Hoodie pertaining to hood rat. hood rat being a female who sleeps around and will sleep with someone for drugs also see "strawberry"
jamal says to janiqua "HOODIE"
by Ghetto Fabulous April 30, 2003
A blow job, fellatio
Hey man, what's a guy got to do to get a hoodie around here?
by ratm9m August 28, 2005
n. condom or jimmy cap
I ain't stickin' my dick in that without a hoodie!
by bagywrinkl December 05, 2001
Foreskin of an Un-circumsized male
I have a cheesy Hoodie
by bigman March 12, 2005

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