A ghetto dwarf.
"Don't go near that hoodie, he'll blow your kneecaps off."
by Johnny the Jingle Smickler June 29, 2013
The penultimate article of clothing. Following the lead are jeans.

Hoodies are another name for "hooded sweatshirt." While all hoodies sport stomach pockets, some hoodies are zipped and some aren't. Does it matter? It shouldn't.
"d00d, ph33r t3h NiNj4 h00di3."
by [str33t NiNj4] December 27, 2003
a hood rat that doesnt know how to keep her legs closed
friend:vianka your a hoodie

vianka:i know
by bunny_boop October 14, 2013
A word used to ask someone what is going on, or to state that something is good. Word originates from early Mac-istonians, which were said to have been a backwoods clan in the 1800's, of village men and women suffering from mental disabilities, and used the term to describe how their deer hunting adventures went that day.
Yo whats hoodie?

Yo Ds nuts is so not hoodie right now.

Goeller's frog kicks are so hoodie.

Yo Button, tryna get hoodie n lurk on Facebook?
by Ill tread on you October 07, 2011
An article of clothing invented by Mark Zuckerberg that features many unnecessary pockets and a hood.
The success of Facebook is directly attributed to Mark Zuckerberg's deft use of the hoodie.
by kirupa February 15, 2014
A penis that is only circumcised on one half, making its appearance like that of a hooded sweatshirt.
I fucked this guy last night, it was so bizarre, head a hoodie
by Woooooo February 03, 2012
pop a hardon in your pants-like your big head in hooded sweatshirt
she bent over with those big tits and I popped an instant hoodie
by woodpile January 20, 2010

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