1)to wear a pair of pants with 2 or more pairs of shorts underneath.2)To wear more then 3 sizes bigger of clothes.3)Hardasses at sycamore high school.4)Dj.
"im soo hood,im wearing a 9x shirt today."
by meganerwin. January 24, 2008
living in the ghetto, ghettofabulous, straight banging fool
im so hood, cuz i live in the projects and im selling dope, fucking these hoes, drinking crystal, and ridin in a 64
by DJ ACID August 12, 2007
A neighbourhood; usually a state housing area, but can be used to refer to any neighbourhood.
"There's a party on in the hood tonight".
by jstyles June 17, 2005
to whoop some nigga!!!!
yo hood this wannabe gangster, break his ribs!!!!!!!!!!
by ohnotheydidnt May 02, 2008
the fold of a hooded sweater used to keep your head warm
you look retarded when you call a neghborhood a hood
by johnny urban October 08, 2006
a shortened form of the word hoodlum, meaning criminal
fonzy's a hood.
watch out for hoods, downtown.
by paaanda March 29, 2006
A fleshy piece of skin covering the head of an uncircunsized penis.
Should I get my hood removed from my pizzle yo?
by pleth June 07, 2003

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