Slang for the word "neighbourhood," and only used by the hardest of gangsters as seen in the example.
When a couple of guys, they were up to no good

Started making trouble in my neighbourhood

I got in one little fight and my mom got scared

And said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air"
by Peter7777 October 25, 2012
A game where if somebody is wearing a hooded sweatshirt, you simply take they're hood (while they're not looking), and put it on them. This is most commonly done from behind the unsuspecting person. When you put the hood on the victim, say "HOODS!".
Sneaking up behind a person and putting their hoods up.
by Bigshafty68 April 20, 2011
(noun) Someone who portrays inherent characteristics which exemplify his/her upbringing in a dangerous, and often gang/drug infested neighborhood. Someone who is hood is unlikely to be controlled in hostile situations, and may often act in ways which make the appear as uncivilized to people who aren't hood. Often can be synonymous with the word ghetto
Damn, you cant invite T-O to this dinner, he's too hood. He'll probably eat with his hands, curse anyone out who stares at him for that, and be totally uncontrollable.
by not t_olu February 22, 2010
A neighborhood with nothin neighborly about it.
my neighborhood is more like a hood nothin neighborly about it
by TherealInfluence October 12, 2009
you in the ghetto part of your neighbourhood a place were all the thugs the real hustle is.the real shit
fuk that shit uin a pussy are lets bounce back to the hood
by thair ilyas July 20, 2006
The heart of a gang were shit goes down from drugs to killings
Ex..Wass Craccin Cuz.? Nuttin juss kiccin it in tha hood wit the work
by AsianGirlsLuvIt July 07, 2012
Another word for cool, dope, fresh or hip
Often used in context with gansta's
"Dude check out my new bucket hat"
"Bro thats so hood"

"J'Sean your cars a sack of shit"
"Na G' its hood as"
by McJives January 18, 2012

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