1. A slang word deriving from the word "Neighborhood". The word is mostly used when referring to an American Ghetto, The Slums or a run down environment. Most Hood like environments usually have (but not limited to) urban Thugs & Gangsters.

(Refer to... Newark, NJ / Brooklyn, NY / Compton, CA /

Detroit, MI / Camden, NJ / etc.)

2. Somebody who resides in a Ghetto.
Vinny- Ayo Jay, I'm picking up Amanda this weekend. She told me she lives near South Side (Chicago). You ever been homie?

Jamal- Yeah son, I'm up there all the time.. the place is mad hood though.

Vinny- Oh word?
LeBron- Yo dawg, I heard there be a new kid... that for real?

Teddy- Oh yeah, Mikey or whatever his name is? Yeah yeah, people be telling me he hood as fuck! Comes from Camden I think?
(Note: Ignoring the stereotypical thought that someone has to be African American or Hispanic/Latino to be "hood"... the person(s) can also be Caucasian. As long as he/her resides in a Ghetto like environment... and/or socialises with "hood" like individuals. Which is why sometimes you may find the occasional wigger talking in Ghetto tongue.)
by Comptonese February 06, 2013
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a) Urban area of a city usually populated by mostly black folks. (aka: ghetto).

b) Prepuce of the penis or clitoris. (aka: Foreskin)
a) I ain't afraid of these niggaz, I grew up in the hood dawg!

b) I usually pull my hood back before I take a piss.
by Kurt91 June 08, 2004
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A group of people, usually young who stand on street corners with hooded tops, drinking cheap cider and wkd.

These people are usually spides,steeks and chavs

They proceed to shout at passing busses, throw fire works and talk about how they are goin to "kick da fook out of dem wenkers like" and "brick da peelers like"

These people need shot for being so thick.

The younger of these hoods rarely attend school and boast about how hard they are, but everyone with a brain knows that these kind of people are pussys and would never pick fights unless they are in a crowd of their own kind.

dont fuck with hoods unless they are on their own =D
by ajc_176 October 16, 2005
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One who failed to switch from Noob to Skilled and insults all those who kill with: "Hacker, Cheater, Lagger, Bullet Speed Roll, NoLife!"
Once i had a hood, i broke it.
by Gigen May 14, 2010
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Not to be mistaken with the ghetto. The area(s) in a city where not only poor, usually black people, live, where much violence takes place. The hood is where you get shot, stabbed, mugged, etc., the ghetto is just a poor area.
Poor Black Guy 1 "Yo man I live in the hood!"
Poor Black Guy 2 "No you don't, you live in the ghetto, I live in the hood! Hell, I just got my rims stolen AND my ass shanked just yesterday!"
by r-can16 November 14, 2010
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noun. 1:The "Hood" means a place that is very crapy or ghetto. The ghetto is in Detroit, Queens, Compton, Exc. The "Hood" is usaly filled with blacks and some whites. It is somtimes a good place to live because it is cheaper. The "Hood" can also be in a trailor park or bad apartment complex. 2: A piece of a jacket or sweater that goes over your head to cover it up.
1: Are we gunna go chill in da "Hood" tonight

2: Put ur hood up brandyn its cold out there!
by BrandynMcCartney January 24, 2008
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