Derived from the word "Hoodlum" meaning a young street ruffian, esp. one belonging to a gang. Originally used in the 40's and 50's to describe greasers.
Look at dem hoods, they raiding everything.
by ScrewsWithDrunky October 25, 2008
word for neighbourhood/ghetto
im gonna go cotch in the hood
by domi May 21, 2005
When you come from the streets and you know The Struggle.
Dylan is hood.
by Hood rebel June 08, 2014
Not to be mistaken with the ghetto. The area(s) in a city where not only poor, usually black people, live, where much violence takes place. The hood is where you get shot, stabbed, mugged, etc., the ghetto is just a poor area.
Poor Black Guy 1 "Yo man I live in the hood!"
Poor Black Guy 2 "No you don't, you live in the ghetto, I live in the hood! Hell, I just got my rims stolen AND my ass shanked just yesterday!"
by r-can16 November 14, 2010
To cause a violent act that others find amusing
Yo, that shit was 'hood right there
by Jokachild January 23, 2009
noun. 1:The "Hood" means a place that is very crapy or ghetto. The ghetto is in Detroit, Queens, Compton, Exc. The "Hood" is usaly filled with blacks and some whites. It is somtimes a good place to live because it is cheaper. The "Hood" can also be in a trailor park or bad apartment complex. 2: A piece of a jacket or sweater that goes over your head to cover it up.
1: Are we gunna go chill in da "Hood" tonight

2: Put ur hood up brandyn its cold out there!
by BrandynMcCartney January 24, 2008
Ghetto house of worship
"I go to the hood every Sunday"
by DrewQuickle6669999 January 27, 2014

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