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A ganster slang word derrived from neighborhood, usually talking about the ghetto or where all the gangsters and thugs live.
Guy: I am from the trailer park, where are you from?
Thug: Da hood!
by GangstaBoi February 19, 2006
257 187
what jamaicans call the dick
yawd man:wha a gwan today mad dread?
mad dread: mi about fi go to jackie she tell mi say she want some hood fi her birthday
yawd man: for real
by MAD MAX DI DREAD January 16, 2007
111 65
the part of a sweatshirt or jacket that goes over your head
I put on my hood when it rains.
by not ghetto April 24, 2003
94 62
The flap of skin that covers the clitoris. Not all women have a hood, but it's not uncommon to find a woman with a hood.
When I got my hood pierced it hurt really bad, but now it's my favorite piercing.
by Pierced Princess September 11, 2006
114 89
The Hood is the part of the city where you grew up.
Ben : Our Hood sure has changed.
Glen : Yea now it's flooded with god damm yuppies. (ie:Wicker Park in Chicago)
Ben : I miss the old Hood.
Glen : It's not even our Hood anymore.
by Ben Hill April 21, 2006
62 41
The hood is a lower income crime riddled area. An unsafe place to live. Residents usually live in fear of life from day to day. Not a 'nice' place to live.
Vitalis family lives in da hood.
by blos December 30, 2007
51 33
Foreskin covering the penis head.
I pulled back the skin so she could see what was underneath the hood.
by jonathan meyer June 09, 2004
41 24