Oral sex for women. Since men have a head on their penis, they get "head". Women have a clitoral hood, so they get "hood".
That dude gives the best hood.
by eZ eLLe April 09, 2006
Ghetto-er than ghetto. Very, very low class.
Girl, those braids are hood.
by Chisty December 14, 2003
A British post-rock band that was really good in their beginning albums but then they started getting a little too poppy.
"Did you get the new Hood album?"

by Britainy February 19, 2005
wutz really good(almost lyk dat) but
Yo wutz really hood
by ~BrEeZy~ October 02, 2003
1.Swifty Mcvay
1. Damn straight. w3rd.
2. You wish you were part of it.
by w3rd November 07, 2004
The State or act of being gangsta, pimp, or Ghetto
Hey yo Dat was madd Hood Dawg!
by Ta-Ta October 01, 2003
A term used by people primarily from Northern Florida to describe a nigger. The term came about because the men in the black community back in the day used to wear shirts with their collars popped (much like the fags that do today with their Abercrombie shirts).
"We were waiting to go into dinner and we were were outside waiting for the fam and these kids had prom tonight and this one guy had his collar popped. my dad says to me "he needs to fix it" and i was like dad u dont know bout the popped collars. He says, "it was what the Hoods use to wear" and i said the Hoods? and he says "Yeah, the niggers."
by Mickey Lee April 30, 2005

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