another word for a neighborhood where you come from or where they are trashy.
The hood isn't mostly where black folk live if anyone said that and if you did SCREW YOU.
by Truth4you December 29, 2005
An ignorant person most likely a person of color who embraces urban and street culture
Look at that hood walking into the pawn shop.
by Cmoney512888 September 10, 2008
Acting like or relating to the way and actions of Chris Lee
What's really hood? Chris Lee is REALLY HOOD???
by Bob O'Callahan April 22, 2005
For some reason, Americans say this when they mean to say bonnet
Pop the hood, er i mean bonnet
by Matt March 04, 2005
A group of people, usually young who stand on street corners with hooded tops, drinking cheap cider and wkd.

These people are usually spides,steeks and chavs

They proceed to shout at passing busses, throw fire works and talk about how they are goin to "kick da fook out of dem wenkers like" and "brick da peelers like"

These people need shot for being so thick.

The younger of these hoods rarely attend school and boast about how hard they are, but everyone with a brain knows that these kind of people are pussys and would never pick fights unless they are in a crowd of their own kind.

dont fuck with hoods unless they are on their own =D
by ajc_176 October 16, 2005
another word for home.
Come on over to my hood.
by Alex Rossiter May 10, 2004
Can be a noun or and adjdective

noun: the ghetto, the gutta, where shit goes down all the time

adjective: Describin one with a ghetto personality

Man Shawty told me that mad shit was going down in tha hood.

Look at that dyme over there she mad hood.
by JaiDa Dyme February 03, 2006

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