1. word used in reference to a ghetto area
2. someone who is from a ghetto area and stays true to that lifestyle of where they are from.
3. a lifestyle that wiggers, wigger bitches and wankstas alike sadly mistake for a trend thanks to the glorification of its negative aspects by crap rappers (ie: Lil Wayne) and try to emulate in an attempt to "fit in" and basically just rebel against their suburban upbringing, by watching way too much BET, wearing only brands that we wear in the hood (ie: RocaWear, Akademiks, Jordans, etc.) and using too much slang to the point where they just use words for the wrong purpose. they swear they hard but they all talk and wouldn't last 1 week in any real hood.
1. Jamaica (Queens), South Bronx, Bed-Stuy, Compton, LBC, etc.
2. shorty stay hood with it.
3. white girls that grew up in long island or any other quiet suburb and drive around in their cars and/or SUVs that daddy bought them and are spoiled rotten but swear they "hood" because they always use street slang, only date black guys, and only listen to the latest fad rap music but don't know the last damn thing about what it really means to be "hood."
by XxTheIceQueenxX October 21, 2008
Top Definition
1. The ghetto.
2. Someone who is from the ghetto.
3. Someone who acts like they are from the ghetto.
Other Slang: Hoodlum, Gangsta, Thug, Nigga, Pimp, Street-rat, Street Urchin, etc.

4. The foreskin of a penis.
5. Covering of the clitoris.
by The wise one. October 14, 2003
Derived from "neighborhood". An area which one lives/lived/ or is in
Ima go visit my hood.
i need to raise up out my hood
by KiStone 1000 February 05, 2003
neighborhood; ghetto; project
we was just chillin in the hood when...
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
Attatched to sweatshirts...Often pulled over the head when the weather is cold or rainy.
Put your hood on, Little Timmy, it's cold outside.
by Rodney Basil September 27, 2003
The word describes the act of a vagina, or hoo hoo, hitting a person or object on a part of their anatomy or surface. It's very similar to the word tea bagging in its usage.
You should have seen the look on my boyfriend's face when I hoo'd him on the side of his head.
by Jade74 July 04, 2011
1. Derived from the word neighborhood. Usually refers to an undesirable area: gangsters are from the “hood”; wankstas are from the suburbs.

2. A district or area with distinctive characteristics: a neighborhood of fine homes; an ethnic hood.

3. The area above a woman’s vagina: that cluck gots her hood pierced.
"Cuz the boyz n tha hood are always hard
You come talkin that trash we'll pull your card
Knowin nothin in life but to be legit
Don't quote me boy, cuz I ain't sayin shit"
-Eazy E
by Matt Hoyt February 10, 2004
A ganster slang word derrived from neighborhood, usually talking about the ghetto or where all the gangsters and thugs live.
Guy: I am from the trailer park, where are you from?
Thug: Da hood!
by GangstaBoi February 19, 2006
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