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a sexual experience that occurs on the hood of a car, especially from the male's point of view; a man having sex with a woman on the hood of her car
"Dude, I gave Missy some serious hood wood at the camp ground this weekend."
#erection #boner #pole #shaft #hard-on
by Holly M S May 07, 2010
Is when a man has four children by four different woman said children can be born years months or weeks apart
Hey girl I hear you been fucking with drock and you pregnant now you this official makes him Home Depot approved he's a 4x4 he got that hood wood not that good wood
#4x4 #home depot approved #hoodwood not that goodwood #hoodiewoodie #my little brother
by van Hohenheim of light November 15, 2014
When a woman gets fucked by a black cock
or double hood wooded meaning a black guy DP
Lindsay: "I Cant believe my luck!!"
John: "What?"
Lindsay:"I got fucked by some hood wood last night!!!
#hood #wood #dp #black #chuck norris
by AndrewAWood July 20, 2010
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