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Hood Whore is a chick that sleeps with everyone in the hood and you can call up for a booty call
Yo that chick is a hood whore
by NYUPTOWN August 17, 2006
car magazine photo model
A girl model who has her picture taken bendingover the hood of a car is a "hood whore".
by toml1333 May 01, 2011
Someone who wears hoodies everyday of the week. Sometimes the same one everyday.
Dude 1:that guy wore that same Celtics hoodie this whole week.

Dude 2:i know he's a total hoodwhore.
by Psib93 December 16, 2008
A girl that thinks she is all that. She acts so innasint around some people and goes all hood on another. Her fav colors are red and blue for red pancake and blue waffle. Over all she is an evil witch
That girl Stephanie just went all hood whore on Cheyenne
by Countryk22 May 23, 2015
A chick who likes to get it on while lying on the hood of a hot car.
After I got done bangin' that sweet hood whore, I left her in the parking lot to walk home!
by Mr. Hood Whore Banger September 06, 2003
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