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an overgrown rodent with the ability to swim, usually found under pool bulkheads in the hood. When the hood ratt becomes angry it uses its training from the tyra show and oprah to lash out. The hood rat is commonly mistaken for a nukka face.
SPIKE: look at that nukka face over there swimming backstroke!

BEAV: that ain't no nukka face that is a straight up hood ratt!

WILDCAT: yeah hood ratt...nice

WOLFPACK and MARQUE: hahahahahahaha
by thegcubeav July 28, 2010

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The town bycicle. Belonging to the state of Texas.
Edwin: How do you describe Jade?
Devante:Hood ratt.
Edwin: Texas is full of them.
by Benover Ma Lester April 25, 2008