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A local hangout to get drinks and chill.The joint to get da booze
PHAT JOE: Man let's bust this joint go on down to the hood pop.
EAZYE-G: Word up PJ my nizzle'
by Ian July 06, 2004
A place where young people meet, on the street, and park with their cars. Then they do some drinking and talk about their cars, POP open the HOOD, and look and other people's shiny engines and cool paint-jobs.
Dude1: I was bored last night so I went to the Hood Pop and met a sexy chick with the best Datsun 120Y I have ever seen. She had a chromed 2 litre turbo in it. Man it was cool.
Dude2: What were her tits like?
by Errol Caron August 14, 2004
Hood Pop - a (Rap/Hip Hop) song that is constantly played on pop stations.


Hood Pop - A Rap/Hip Hop Artist puts out a song that people of the hip hop community do not beleave meets the standards of Rap/Hip Hop so they would refeer to it as being Hood Pop
some people might consider Hey Ya by Outkast hood pop.
by Wild(C)at July 05, 2004
hood pop is a rarely cooked tbone steak that has been mutilated by way of knife.
when a kid rips the steak apart with a knife until its almost soupy.
peter: "yo man, throw on a few of them T-bones you picked up at the store last week

Adam: "aight dog, dont go hood poppin like you did that one time.

Peter: i will give it my best captain.
by shaft July 22, 2004
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