A blow job completed by the act of removing a woman's head completely from her body and placing it mouth first on the end of an erect penis.
Susan: Do you want a blow job?

Joseph: How about a hood ornament?
by APM December 12, 2007
A Piercing of the Labia, Specifically the Hood that covers the Clitoris. This gives direct stimulation to the Clitoris during sex even without hand or finger stimulation being applied by motion transfer of the thrusting.
As the Paramedics used wire cutters to cut Jakes tongue ring loose from her Clit piercing, Debbie realized that her Hood Ornament was a poor choice for the money her mother had given her for her birthday.
by Buzz M. February 25, 2005
A style of ghostriding where a ghostrider gets on the hood of his scraper (without a hood ornament) and holds a certain position. This position is looked upon as a hood ornament that the rider would want on his scraper. The positions can range from the classic Rolls Royce logo to school mascots to important figures in the rider's area. This style is a product of the CC Hyphy Movement.
while ghostriding
Yo man clear out the hood, Brown Magic 'bout to cise a hood ornament.

observing a ghost ride
Look at them, they doin' hood ornaments.
by Brown Magic April 08, 2007
An object placed on an erect penis that stays there on its own. For example, a water bottle placed over the shaft would be considered a hood ornament .
Girl: Hey Daniel, I hear you're packing some serious hangage in them jeans...
Daniel: Well, let's just say I can use your that flower vase over there as a hood ornament ;)
Girl: *nom nom nom*

G: Dude, that chick is so tiny!
D: Ya man, if I play my cards right, I bet I could make her my very own hood ornament!
G: lol
by onateag April 05, 2011
taking a dump on the hood of someones
I left a fresh steamy hood ornament on
jasons car.
by sipitown August 22, 2003
when you plow a filthy whore on the top of your buddy's car...thus making her a hood ornament...he will know of this event because of the ass cheek imprints and love juices left behind
that skank rachel made a fantastic hood ornament on top of an anonymous car after that party
by johnny_blueballs April 15, 2005
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