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a young hood rat, somebody who pretends to be mature. who tries to act grown beyond their years by dressing slutty, or giving up the poon easily.
look at that hood mouse thinkin she cute
by Kimi is your fucken queen August 13, 2006
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Hoodmouse, is the evolution before a hoodrat. Baby hoodrats.
She just a hoodmouse, she not on they level yet.
by immascorpio1114 October 19, 2009
Someone who acts really ghetto, but:
- Aren't black,
- Live in the suburbs,
- Don't normally speak with the accent but can (or think they can).

They overuse words such as 'swag', 'ratchet', 'guuuuurl', etc. and in extreme cases have to be constantly reminded not to say the n-word because they aren't black. (Sometimes they will then make up a synonym for it that works for their race.)
Hassan: "Fei, this has gotta be the five hundredth time you've said 'ratchet' today."

Fei: "N***a, please. You just mad because you ratchet."

Hassan: "Don't say n***a, you're Asian."

Fei: "Oh. Yeah. ...Chigga, please!"

Hassan: "You are such a hoodmouse."
by Hassan & Fei Yen February 04, 2014

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