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Helena Bonham Carter's boobs
Tim Burton gets the hoobs.
#helena bonham carter #tim burton #words you need in your life #hoobs #helena's boobs
by Helenaisgod April 17, 2011
Huge Noob; camelia
Any action exhibited by said individual over any course of given time is an example of 'hoobness'
#hoob #huge #noob #uber #newb
by Rhetoric March 27, 2009
A fictional fuzzy creature that hails from hoobland.
From the UK childrens TV series 'The Hoobs'
"The hoobs are going to visit the tiddly peeps
by Iver, Groove & Tula April 09, 2004
A combination of two words describing a woman's large breasts. HUGE + BOOBS = HOOBS
Now that Sheena has had her breast augmentation, she has a much larger chest than the other women. I guess you can say that "She's got Hoobs".
by KTownFook May 20, 2005
A term combining hairy and boobs. Usually used when referring to Italian women or female decedents of Big Foot.
Hey Meghan, nice hoobs!
#hairy #boobs #italian #large #gross
by LeeHoyt June 30, 2010
noun; An uneducated, ignorant, loud, leech of the economy, ghetto-ass, worthless black person -- who feels that they are deserving of a luxurious life with no thought to how these expenditures will affect them in the future.
"Gee, I wish I could afford a Range Rover sitting on 20s like the gold-toothed hoob across the street."
#nigger #jungle bunny #spook #spear chucker #porch monkey
by 29838 June 17, 2009

Hugs with Boobs : An act of embracing someone tightly in one's arms with the presence of fairly large breasts .
1. I am looking forward to receiving hoobs from my gorgeous girlfriend !

2 Sarah gives the best hoobs in town !
#hugs with boobs #boob hugs #closed chest embrace #cuddle #breasts squash
by jenrissa April 15, 2014
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