Generally used in the military. Weird Army and Marine people will say that it is "ahooha", "hoora", or something similar, but the correct, historical pronunciation is "hooah".

Anything and everything positive. Also used as an affirmative response to a question.
"Free beer!"
by FalconBravo March 09, 2003

Usally used on and off of military bases everywhere. Meaning "yes","motivated","dedicated",and any cursing word you wish.
Sgt.:Do you understand?
by Strappon May 16, 2003
Defined appropriately in previous posts. The proper spelling is HUA not Hooah which is another acronym for Head Up Ass. The nicer definitions are used when explaining what you mean to someone senior in rank to you.

I heard the story of its origin from a retired Vietnam era Special Forces guy in 1990 who heard it from a Korean War guy in the 1960's. Similar story about being ordered to take an objective (hill top in Korea) during the din of battle and the response was a mis-heard "who us?".
1SG (First Sergeant, the senior non-commissioned officer in a company) - "There has been a change to the training schedule"

PSG (Platoon Sergeant) - "HUA!!"(you could add SNAFU to that)
Army Definition... Yeah, it stands for Heard, Affirmitive, Understood... but any soldier who says hooah is the second definition of hooah... Head Up Ass
Sgt - "Do you hear me Private?!"
Pvt 1 - "Hooah, Sir!"
Pvt 2 - "Yeah, he is pretty hooah sir."
by Justin January 27, 2004
Air Force HUA!
TSgt Trice: I wrestle bears
A1C Reed: HUA!
The real story of Hooah. On D-Day the Rangers were given the mission to take the outpost at Point du Hoc which overlooked the entire Omaha Beach Area and provided the Germans the perfect observation position to direct devasting artillery fire. As everyone knows, when we landed at Omaha Beach, our forces were being cut to pieces. Some Rangers managed to get in rather close but had to scale a cliff to get up to the objective. With no officers in the immediate area, a Ranger sergeant seeing some some Rangers at the base of the cliff,yelled, "Hey! You Rangers get your fucking asses up that cliff," to which one of the Rangers looked incredulously over his shoulder at the Sergeant and said...."Who,us? And the rest is history. "Who,us" in 1944 later became the modern Rangers...Hooah.

Today, Hooah means about anything you want it to mean and the meaning variations are expounded through voice inflection.

Told to me by the Command Sergeant Major who served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, Ga.

Whether or not its true, it sure puts some real world meaning to the origin.
When you ask a Ranger wife if her husband returned from a long TDY yesterday, her response would probably be mmmmm..Hooooooahhhhhhhh..ohhhh..ahhh
by MG (Ret) Lou Hennies, March 09, 2004
When said while thrusting the pelvis, and after saying a long sentence, creates humor.
Sir,IjustseemedtohavedroppedyourvaseandkilledyourdogwhileIwasmindingyourhouse - (thrusts pelvis) HOOAH!
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 20, 2003

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