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anything except for \'no\'
those shoes are hoo-ah
by Hilter April 26, 2005
1)used by military personel to show motivation. 2)used by military personel to speed up a conversation when you arent listening anyway.
1) indiv. 1 "everybody ready to catch some bullets?"
indiv.2 "HOOAH!"
2) indiv. 1 "hey can you do me a fa*"(chopped off abrubptly)
indiv. 2 "HOOAH sar'nt"
by living proof December 12, 2003
a greeting, to get your attention
hello! how are you? it has been a long time!
by Wesley January 17, 2004
A word you use in Army video games when u "0wn" someone.
Hooah, u pwned his face!
by Matt1112 April 06, 2008
slut, whore, bitch, skank, prostitute, hoe, tramp, hooker, easy girl
Damn that girl fucks every guy, she is such a hooah.
by Scott Tenerman August 13, 2006
affirmation, gloating exclamation, reference movie "Scent of a Woman", army origin. fo' shizzle.
Col Slade: "Charlie, m'boy, i think i've wet my pants...hoo-ah!"

Charlie: "oh Col., not again..."

Col Slade: "HOOah!"
by joshua* December 10, 2003
How kids in Brooklyn, New York pronounce the word "whore."
You mother is a fucking dirty hooah.
by madmark65 October 07, 2003