1. modified spelling of plural version of honey - honeys; used to connote fine or very attractive young women.

a. In the DC/MD/VA area of US, used especially in go go music to recognize, or shout out, known groups, or gangs, cliques, of girls.
1. "There was some fine-ass honies at club h2o last night!"

a. "YBS Honies! (Take your drawers off for me, baby!) Ah, YBR Honies! (Take your drawers off for me, baby!) Pussywalk Honies!" -- "GoGo Girl," TMA Band.
by dat bamma beau December 09, 2007
Top Definition
Humans of New York
Did you see the new picture on hony?
by GTM2 May 12, 2012
(huh-knees) - The coalition of ultimitely hot babes, unbeknownst to that of the common man without proper revelation through intense sexual endeavors.
Those honies look rather delectable tonight, with their round buttocks and perky chests; let us not forget the faces gentlemen!
by ManBehindTheScenes August 30, 2010
expired; used-up; no longer suitable for use or consumption.
that milk in the fridge has been there for a month; it's mad hony.
by Gramma-X February 03, 2013
A person who is like a rubber duck. Sadly.. He likes the Celtics. :( He's really funny,but doesn't know how to pronounce his own nickname!!
Hony is waiting for me to find him a funny Urban Dictionary definition!
by sizzler133 May 31, 2011
Slang for hundreds of dollars.
I need a couple honies to get my car fixed.
by merryK June 17, 2008
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