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A generally deragatory term for anyone of any race. Means a number of things, mostly a term for those uneducated street-wise.
"Shit, look at that honky bitch gettin cheated out her bills"
by Sarah December 26, 2003
4 22
A derogatory term used against white people by ignorant blacks. They think it is offensive, but any educated person would know that "honky" doesn't describe every person with white skin. It actually refers to people of hungarian descent.
Little Black Girl: "Is you a honky?"

Little White Girl: "No, but you's a donkey!!!"
by JLM September 02, 2005
15 38
a racistgay white piece of shit that swallows
GEORGE HAYES thomas more school (purley)
by fuG nASty May 04, 2005
17 41
A term niggers think make White people feel odd or affened, when frankly it amusses me when i hear it. Makes a nigger look stupider then before.
nigger: Yo that bitch is a Honky
White person: hummm atleast i am not a nigger
:nigger goes and kills him self:
by Jwk3007 January 07, 2006
37 72
Someone that should be killed.
Jews are better than subhumans like micks, polaks, krauts, limeys and other pieces of shit from europe.
by Being Earnest May 01, 2005
20 74